Thursday, 30 June 2011

Borough Market

Borough Market - the best there is, the best there ever will be. 

No, seriously, I love this market! 

I do like the local Farmers Markets that take place in London throughout the week - especially the one in Marylebone, next to La Fromagerie and Ginger Pig is beautiful! 

But when it comes to the one event that keeps dragging me out of bed on a Saturday morning - its Borough Market.

YES - early morning.

Because this market is everybody's darling.

Locals get there for brunch, Foodies shelve up for their weekend dinner parties, and tourists hop in to take pics ..

.. hence, odds are you drown in masses of people squeezing through the narrow streets, and spend your time queuing for anything that you might possibly long for, if you decide to roll over again and snooze for another hour.

SO - as humans are not made for queuing (at least I am not made for this ..) - I'd recommend to aim for the first coffee before 8am. If you like to see the traders getting ready for the rumble, be there at 7am.

In any way, Monmouth will reward and soothe you ..

Sitting next to some strangers at the big family table, in combination with a golden croissant and espresso - highly recommended.  

Alternatively, you might want to head straight to Maria's Marketcafe and defeat your grogginess munching on a lamb bap with rocket, olive oil and tracklement's mint jelly.

Obviously, the food and produce is marvelous at Borough Market!

Even though the place is flooded with tourists later on, prices are still reasonable. 

(At least that's what I think, given the quality that you get and the fact that this is London)

More often than not you are invited to taste almost everything before you buy, which transforms the shopping into a leisurely mix between brunching, wandering, and chatting - an excellent way to spend the morning doing nothing but enjoying life.

.. Oh, by the way - having oysters for breakfast is also a great start !

But what makes Borough Market truly London are the people that work there. 
It's harder to put in words than to describe in pictures what always makes me pause for a while and watch them, feeling good about the way things are ..

Living here in the UK made me aware that there should be room for pride and tradition - 

Because those are vital ingredients to let something grow and attain character, together with all the little details and institutions that arise only when something can develop over time. 

Old things that people would miss if abandoned are kept ..

.. new things are added as they come along. 

Well, I just love Borough Market. 
It is one of the reasons I cannot but feel homesick when I am away from this great city. 

Take care, and enjoy !



Wednesday, 29 June 2011

City of London

The City can be absolutely breathtaking, and this time of the year before
and around rush hour is the perfect time to experience it.

The air is still crisp, and if you take a quick diversion onto Millennium Bridge 
you will get a fresh breeze in your face and hear Seagulls screech above your head.

At around 7am the streets in the City will start to fill up with Bankers rushing to work, so make sure you 
don t get run over.

Even though a lot of Banks have relocated their Headquarters to Canary Wharf in recent years, 
I think the City stills feels a lot more vibrant, and it certainly has more character. 

Tradition and efficiency mix in a unique way in London, that is very characteristic, and the City must still be one of the best places to experience this.

I am certain this gentleman would agree with me ;-)

A lot has happened in this part of London in recent years, and the
Gherkin was only the beginning. It s great to see, that Canary Wharf has 
not had a noticeably negative impact at all on the atmosphere !

Take care ! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

London Under Ground

The tube is a mysterious thing. 

You step down from somewhere you call home - maybe the West End, or Marylebone ...  Bloomsbury? Wherever your story begins! 

The smell and feel of the air changes, light is different - a world of design and architectural details (old and new) opens up. 

There is no need to plan or organise your wishes and thoughts of whereabout you like to re - enter the world, as the tube is always going everywhere at any time (ok - almost!) 

.. I always wonder where my fellow travellers are heading to.

 Hopefully you get a place to sit ... 

.. and let your mind wander as the train rushes through the tunnels.

As you step up back into the daylight - 

you enter a totally different world. Maybe the City? Maybe the East End? Or dreamy Richmond!  .. rather Soho? .. probably Brixton. Who knows. 

.. nobody knows. And that's what I love about London:
Whatever you feel like, there is a perfect place to be. 

And the tube brings you there, for just £2 quid.

Take care.