Wednesday, 29 June 2011

City of London

The City can be absolutely breathtaking, and this time of the year before
and around rush hour is the perfect time to experience it.

The air is still crisp, and if you take a quick diversion onto Millennium Bridge 
you will get a fresh breeze in your face and hear Seagulls screech above your head.

At around 7am the streets in the City will start to fill up with Bankers rushing to work, so make sure you 
don t get run over.

Even though a lot of Banks have relocated their Headquarters to Canary Wharf in recent years, 
I think the City stills feels a lot more vibrant, and it certainly has more character. 

Tradition and efficiency mix in a unique way in London, that is very characteristic, and the City must still be one of the best places to experience this.

I am certain this gentleman would agree with me ;-)

A lot has happened in this part of London in recent years, and the
Gherkin was only the beginning. It s great to see, that Canary Wharf has 
not had a noticeably negative impact at all on the atmosphere !

Take care ! 

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