Tuesday, 28 June 2011

London Under Ground

The tube is a mysterious thing. 

You step down from somewhere you call home - maybe the West End, or Marylebone ...  Bloomsbury? Wherever your story begins! 

The smell and feel of the air changes, light is different - a world of design and architectural details (old and new) opens up. 

There is no need to plan or organise your wishes and thoughts of whereabout you like to re - enter the world, as the tube is always going everywhere at any time (ok - almost!) 

.. I always wonder where my fellow travellers are heading to.

 Hopefully you get a place to sit ... 

.. and let your mind wander as the train rushes through the tunnels.

As you step up back into the daylight - 

you enter a totally different world. Maybe the City? Maybe the East End? Or dreamy Richmond!  .. rather Soho? .. probably Brixton. Who knows. 

.. nobody knows. And that's what I love about London:
Whatever you feel like, there is a perfect place to be. 

And the tube brings you there, for just £2 quid.

Take care. 

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