Sunday, 3 July 2011

Never Mind

Watching other people doing great things is always a joy .. and doing this on a warm summer evening in Hampstead Heath is a proper holiday.

Hampstead is worth a post on itself (one day), such a cute village right at the doorstep of the big smoke!

This time though I was too busy climbing through the woods of the Heath, squeezing my eyes as I was blinded from all those shoots against the sun.

But I couldn't help it - being dazzled by beauty can be such a cruel thing!

Anyways, coming back to watching other people doing great things -

one of those is surely being joyful for no reason other than a blue sky and some free time to spend together.

Another thing people do, which I GREATLY admire, is to be good listeners.

This is SUCH a great thing! Imagine the world without having someone to talk to ..

 I couldn't stand it.

Another world that I couldn't bear ? The one without people that relax and just space off for a while ...

Oh, and last but not least, I LOVE it when grown ups could'nt care less about being grown up

such that their dogs appear more grown up then they do .. what a great skill !

Well, and after all those deep thoughts I felt tired but happy as the sun was getting low.. 

.. hopped into my car and drove off into the sunset.

 .. the last words are thanks to the most marvelous human skill - the power to imagine and dream.

Take care ;)

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